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Why Madre?

So, how did my blog get its name?

Well, for starters, I am not hispanic.  I am a very white, white girl with blond hair and freckles.  I think my heritage is German, English, and Scottish.  So, that’s not my reasoning.  Sorry to burst your bubble if you pictured me as J. Lo or something.

About a year ago, my oldest daughter – for what reason I’m still unclear – began calling me Madre.  My son had this habit of beginning every sentence with “mom.”  “Mom, I’m hungry.”  “Mom, look at this.”  “Mom, what are you doing?”  “Mom, mom, mom.”  Which eventually became “Ma, ma, ma…”  Pretty soon he started to sound like a goat.  “Maa-aa-aa-aa.”  So, I welcomed the change to “Madre.”

Plus, I thought it sounded kinda cool.  I’m sure that to some spanish speakers, Madre brings to mind a heavy-set, matronly woman in an apron – but to me, Madre is a salsa dancing, latin lover, hot mama.  I can imagine Antonio Banderas in his sexy Puss in Boots voice whispering “Tu es…..mi Madre.”  Kinda like “Who’s your daddy?”

Also, coincidentally, I have been studying Spanish at the University, and to complete my graduate work I have to become proficient in the language.  So, I am embracing my new identity.  Madre, I am!